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Properstar is a free real estate portal exclusively reserved to professionals. For more performance we have several solutions to boost your visibility or elevate your listings.

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Properstar is already connected with your favorite CRM and we're compatible with most feeds formats. You publish your listings in a simple click and get an email notification when the listing is online.

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Once your listings are published on Properstar, you can manage your leads and sales through your personal dashboard. Our user friendly interface and integrated systems make your work easier.

ListGlobally network

ListGlobally network

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Properstar is a member of the ListGlobally family, a world leader of online listing publications.

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Expand your listings reach and access an audience of over 200 million potential buyers.


All your listings are published in Switzerland as well as in the UK, USA, China, France, Germany and over 60 countries.

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100 000 real estate agents around the world are currently using Properstar. Why not you?

The publication of listings is limited to real estate professionals only.